The following are testimonials from just a few of the thousands of people, businesses, congregations and schools we have served since 1985.

Business up over 30%
Not a day goes by that 4 or 5 people come in and ask for the wine they saw on the digital sign.
Wine Manager

K of C Hall booked solid 100% months in advance soon after LED sign installed. Bingo is a full house.
Hall Manager

Our Congregation loves the new digital sign keeps them informed as to upcoming events. Brings is new members all the time.

Our tenants depend on the LED Message sign to bring in new business.
Shopping Center Owner

Sales up 25% I only need to sell 1 tire a day to pay for the new Digital sign.
Tire Store Owner

We are so happy that we made the investment with Kerley Signs for our digital signage. Since we have had the sign, our customer base has grown significantly. I have customers comment all the time about how much they like reading our sign. It is a constant communication of what we do , to all that drive by it. The staff at Kerley Signs is so supportive of all our needs. It is wonderful to do business with a local company that cares.
Rips Restaurant