3D Sign Design & Fabrication

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“3D sign” is the industry term used to refer to signs that have custom-built, extruded, assembled or otherwise machined elements, to distinguish them from signs that consist of a printed image or text on a flat surface.

3D signs are popular because they are more vivid, distinctive, and noticeable than flat signs; Kerley has years of experience creating custom 3D signs for all types of businesses and institutions. On our sister site Lobby Logos, we have just added 2 pages that discuss the process of 3D sign design and fabrication.

Kerley Signs uses an amalgam of traditional, time-tested drafting and modeling approaches with the latest computer technology to streamline the design and manufacture of custom 3D signage. Given the extensive custom work that goes into making a 3D sign from scratch for a new client, our company uses the latest drafting software to create a digital model of a sign; then, we send the file to a programmable CNC (computer-controlled) machine, which cuts the material to exact specifications.

The parts are then assembled, glued, wired and mounted by our team of expert sign-makers. Every step of 3D sign fabrication and design is an opportunity for us to show the difference that talent and experience can make.

Click on the links to learn more about the fascinating process of 3D sign design and fabrication!

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