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Lighted Signs for Schools and Churches

An outdoor sign for your church or school benefits not only the students and members, but the general community as well.  Advertise your sporting event or religious school hours with an electronic message center. Let the community know you are there and available for them. Whether you're looking for a changeable message board, electronic sign, lighted sign or something more conventional, let our professionals assist you in choosing the right  sign type to best suit your needs.
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Samples of School and Church Signage

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When examining communities and the way they are set up, there is a variety of establishments which help to create a well rounded atmosphere. Two important entities within communities can be found in the form of educational and religious establishments. Both of these assist in forming a successful and competent community. Different types of Churches often have signs to help in relaying a variety of information. Not only do they add to the overall aesthetics of the community, but they also assist by providing necessary information to all members of that community. Information such as:

  • Fundraisers and Other Such Events (i.e. Dinners, Food Drives, etc)
  • Religious Education Classes
  • Local Support Group Meetings
  • Religious Service Opportunities
  • Warm Welcomes to Passing Community Members
  • Peaceful Quotes to Help Soothe The Mind & Soul

The purpose of these signs is to help people, rather than recruit people, which is often what these signs are associated with. Also, these signs are a way to demonstrate that these establishments are active within the community. Similarly, school signs are equally as important. School signs assist parents, students, and community members alike in keeping up with what is happening on the educational front.

Whether or not the signs have an older, more rustic look, or are the newer electronic message center signs and lighted message boards, school signs can help by providing information such as:

  • Scholastic (Educational) Happenings Guest Speakers, Test Center Locations
  • University Sports & Theatrical Events
  • School Events Dances, Dinners, Craft Shows Etc.
  • PTA and Other Organization Meeting Times/Locations
  • Youth Happenings in the area
  • Friendly Reminders for Community Members

Let Kerley Signs help create your School or Church sign today! We'll do our best work to help add to the aesthetics of your community while maintaining the ability to keep the members of your community informed on all fronts!

For more school and church sign samples, visit School Signs by Kerley Signs.


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